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  • Made out of 100% recyclable plastic material.

  • 10 x 10 square plate or 7 ½ x 7 ½ square plate.

  • Available in multiple color options, including: White, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Grey, Orange, Purple, Pink, Red, Light Red, Clear, Green, and Teal.

  • Disposable plates that make you never worry about cleanup again! These disposable dinner plates have everything you need to make any clean up a breeze. Just serve, eat and throw.

  • Resistant to breaking, bending and snapping, these Plates are expertly crafted using 100% recyclable styrene plastic.

  • This 100% food-grade plastic is also BPA-free to ensure a safe eating experience.

  • Boasting a design of a classy and elegant serve ware, disposable plates can be used at weddings, parties, social activities or when you find your regular dinner plates too boring.

  • The high gloss finish gives them a look which is similar to real glass dishes.

  • Whether you're hosting a wedding, banquet, baby shower, graduation party, anniversary celebration, these disposable tableware are the perfect touch for any occasion.

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